The Wine Glass Crown

A wine glass cover that is an attractive protection against bugs and also a unique outdoor wine accessory.

DON'T HIDE THE WINE GLASS!.....use the most attractive idea in covering and protecting your glass of wine!  

You are at your favorite winery, your friends come over with the newest (and most expensive) bottle of wine, your celebrating and the confetti is flying or you're just relaxing for a romantic evening at an outdoor concert.  It always happens, confetti or the little fruit fly or aggressive house fly or gnat has a yearn for your drink.  You tip your glass to enjoy the nectar of the gods and you see the little "bugger" doing the back stroke.   Yuck!

What to do? Reach in, pull it out?  Stick your fingers in your wine?  Dump the rest of the glass!  Heaven forbid you drink and ignore - not me!  And not you either with the

 Wine Glass Crown

Want to see how the Wine Glass Crown covers and protects the wine glass? 


Why the attractive Wine Glass Crown is the best?

Decorative~ Multiple styles available from the gold jewel to the diamond accent styles that do not hide the wine glass or requires a careful balancing like the plastic lid type covers.  Who wants a Hockeypuck for a wine glass cover? 

Innovative~ The thin screen allows for the wine to "breathe" as it remains tight to the glass while having a small orifice to eliminate the smallest insect from getting into your wine.

Handmade~ With care and precision, using material that is strong, long lasting and can withstand strong winds that will lift off lightweight veils or napkins.

Personalized~ Multiple colors and shaped accents allow for different moods of rings, from fun and adventurous to classy and sophisticated.  A different style for different personalities!

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