The Wine Glass Crown

A wine glass cover that is an attractive protection against bugs and also a unique outdoor wine accessory.

About Us

Like most good ideas, ours came from having a problem and looking for a solution. Having spent 30 years in manufacturing, always looking for a better idea, Perry and Amy used that experience to create something that became close to their heart.  Living in the Midwest, wineries and wine drinking continue to grow in popularity.  Searching for something that could keep insects out of their wine, Perry and Amy could only find items to drape over and end up hiding the glass, or so large it actually made you feel like you were balancing a plate on your glass.  Perry developed the ring and Amy worked with netting and they did testing in some of the worst bug conditions.  

After success in a cover that prevented all sizes of bugs, while allowing the screen to be rinsed clean, The Wine Glass Crown was born.  As they used their Wine Glass Crown socially, people began to inquire where they could get one.  Relatives wanted them as gifts as the attractive styles and colors really "set off" a table or outside patio.

"Why we named it the  "Wine Glass Crown"?  Because we thought the wine glass should be adorned, not hidden or covered by any kind of lid.  We hope you think so too!"